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Activities on Gotland

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Gustavsvik Team Track. 200 SEK/person.
Time: 2,5 hours. Distance: Non, The Team Track is built at Gustavsvik.

Teambanan på Gustavsvik

The Team Track is a very popular activity in which teams compete against each other to be best to cooperate. Along a trail in the forest are stations bulit with exercises that will appeal to most people. There is everything from a little more physical exercises, such as "The fence" where it comes to getting the team on the other side, lift and carry employees through holes in the fence. On stations such as "Räknekvadraten," and "Wave" it is important to use mathematical intellect and accumulated balance. There are also hints of Gotland games in form of "varpa." But in this special version of "varpa" it is important to have a clear strategy to collect the most points. Difficulty degree of the stations are chosen based on the group's wishes. All participating stations based on their own abilities.


Gotland Gocart race  230 SEK/person incl. grilled sausage and refreshments. Time: 4 hours. Distance: Aprox.  5 km från Gustavsvik. (Bus transfer is not included but can be ordered additional).

Gotland gocartWe gather in the café for a review of saftey rutins and driver equipments. All will drive twice time each, first time is training and the second time you will drive on time. Fastest time gets a trophy. Not everyone can drive in same time, while there are sausages to grill.
(2 suasages with bread and refreshemnt included).


Kneippbyn Summer & Water Park 140 SEK/person. Incl. lunch 220 SEK/person. Time: Whole day (open 11-17). Distance: C:a 10 km from Gustavsvik. (Bus transfer not included but can be booked).

Kneippbyn Sommar & Vattenland

The School Trips best day! In Kneippbyn Summer & Water Park is it much fun to do! Here is the real Villekulla there, the house from the films is now a museum. At Summerland are lots of activities that bouncy castle, gocarts, canoes, pedal boats, rock & roller coaster, little free fall, a flying boat, and much, much more. In the Water Park is a large variety of attractions. Do you dare to test the water rush track Bullet or Shark River? During the summer of 2010 completed our new globally unique Half-pipe, we can promise its tickles in your stomach, even on the most hardened!


Struggle Mix Ranch 325 SEK/person incl. bus transfer Time: c:a 3 hours. Distance: Aprox 23 km from Gustavsvik.

Mix Ranch Stenkyrka GotlandWe offer a 5-fight suited to participating, challenging but not impossible.
Competing by individual or in group. We make sure that everyone's different skills are put to use, for a perceived benefit of the whole group. Challenge each other in accuracy, strength, ingenuity and fitness. Suggestions for 5-fight: Gun Battle, Axe throwing, stack tires, clay pigeon shooting, Blowpipe, Labyrinth, Pedal Car race, Robinson Court, Labyrinth, Water Relay, Air Rifle, Posting Contest, Lasso, Capture the sword and the best team over the log.


Visit the caves in Lummelunda 55 SEK/child, 75 kr/adult. Time: Guided tour 30 minutes. Distance: Aprox. 9 km from Gustavsvik. (Bus transfer is not included but can be ordered additional).

The caves in LummelundaA bicycle ride 13 km north of Visby will take you to the Lummelunda Caves, 400 million years of eroding Silurian limestone. The cave has been formed by water with high levels of carbon dioxide that has been weakening the limestone. Narrow passages and ponds can be seen as well as small fossils. While you are here, you can also see the largest water mill wheel in Northern Europe. Either you bring your own picnic or you eat at the café. A guide will take you down into the underworld where the slide, drop rocks and paths waiting. It is cold inside the cave, we recommend you to bring an extra sweater.


City competiton with GPS from 200 SEK/person. Time: 2 hrs (min. 15 persons) Distance: Aprox. 3 km from Gustavsvik.

Medieval VisbyA different and fun competition who gets the possability to explore known and unknown places. Each team have to find several places in Visby with help of an GPS reciever. In each place the team togheter have one or several problems to solve. Your team togheter get one backpack filled with all the stuff you need for your mission. Co-operation, organisation and image storage device are good qualities to have in your group. The activities stimulates both body and brain and co-operation.


Guided tour in Visby 1400 SEK/class (maximum 40 persons) Time: 2 hours. Distance: Aprox. 3 km from Gustavsvik.

Guided tour in VisbyIn the World heritage city of Visby, people have lived for more than 5 000 years. There are a lot of archeological and architectural traces witnessing of glorious days. Our guide will take you for a two hours walk through the narrow alleys of Visby and tell you about the medieval life. The history of Visby is interesting for all ages.


Visit to Stora Karlsö. 325 SEK/person, (min. 20 personer). Tid: All day. Bus transfer and boat trip roundtrip + guide. Distance: Aprox. 30 min busride to Klintehamn, then 30 min boattrip to Stora Karlsö.

The Island Stora KarlsöStora Karlsö is one of the best excursion in Gotland, only 30 minutes by boat from Klintehamn. The island offers an unforgettable experience of nature. A day trip to Stora Karlsö includes an aprox. 4-5 hours visit. The guide will show you around and talk about the island's nature and history. The guide tour takes about 2,5 hour. The tour goes in slow tempo allowing you the leisure to soak up the atmosphere and watch the island's many thriving, beautiful and mystical places.  After the tour is an opportunity to eat at the restaurant, swim, visit the museum or just relax and enjoy.


Bowling with the class mates incl. pizza or nachos buffét 130 SEK/person (min. 4 students/alley) Time: c:a 2 hours. Distance: Aprox 7 km from Gustavsvik.

Bowling in VisbyWelcome to Uncle Joe´s bowling Hall in south of Visby. Challange the class mates in bowling, how many strikes can you get? After one hour of bowling you can hel yourself in the delicious pizza buffet including cold refreshment.


Lasertag incl. pizza or nachos buffet 150 SEK/person Time: c:a 2 hours. Distance: C:a 7 km from Gustavsvik.

Lasertag på Uncle Joe´sWith sensor fitted vests on your body and futuristic laser guns in the hands, you chasing each other through the dark aisles. There is not a computer game in the world that can produce this adrenaline rush. The game board is a 460 sqm large and dark labyrinth path lit only by UV light and fluorescent Sci-fi motifs painted on the walls. The music also does its part to make the activity fun and exciting. Speed​​, dot safety and teamwork skills will determine who wins! You compete in teams or all against all in about 30 minutes then take you up to the laid out on pizza or nachos buffet including drink.

For those of you wondering about the laser and the possible risk of eye damage so are our weapons completely harmless as it is not a laser beam, despite the name, which blasts off without a harmless infrared beam (the same technology as a standard remote control).


Fenomenalen 60 SEK/person. Time: 2 hours. Distance: In Visby harbour, 3 km from Gustavsvik.

Guidad tågtur genom Visby

Welcome to an exciting visit where desire and discovery are the focus. Phenomena Alen is Gotland Science Center. We focus on science, technology and mathematics with interactivity as a tool for learning. For all classes, we offer a free visit to our showroom. One of Fenomenalens educators are on hand, greets welcome and wrists and challenges students in their discovery. On Savis gets all a bit more of the very thing that they are interested. The emphasis is however on his own detective and interest.


Guidad train tour 50 SEK/person. Time: 25 min. Seats 45.

Guidad tågtur genom Visby

The tour takes about 25 minutes and from the speakers you listen to Gotland's own star reporter Erik Larsson, who tells some goodies of Visby and its amazing history. A nice way to see Visby and when you get home you can in good conscience say that you actually been a little culture on your holiday. "