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About Sweden


Sweden is located in northern Europe. Together with Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Norway it is a part of the Nordic group of countries, forming (except Finland) the Scandinavian hemisphere. With the exception of Iceland and Norway, the Nordic countries are members of the European Union.

Sweden has a population of 9 million spread over an area of 450 000 square kilometres. Stockholm is the capital. Official language is Swedish, however most Swedes speaks English – many also German or French. Swedish is a Indo-European language within the Germanic branch, as Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic. Swedes, Danes and Norwegians understand each others languages.

The Swedish flag has a yellow cross laid horizontally on medium blue field. Sweden is a kingdom with constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary form of government. This is consisting of one chamber whose members are elected directly by proportional representation for four-year terms. The king, Karl XVI Gustaf, has a ceremonial function as Head of State. He will be succeeded by his daughter, the Crown Princess Viktoria. Sweden has universal suffrage and the voting age is 18. taste it!

The Swedes
Swedes are generally polite. Most will answer your questions in English in a helpful way. If they don´t ? they might just be shy. Generally Swedes are trustworthy and honest, of course there can be bad apples falling everywhere. Swedes you meet in bars are often very open hearted, and many Swedes go out during the weekends. If you are invited to a Swedish home, you might meet the whole family, children included - often participating at meals, and not always as well behaving as in the middle and southern parts of Europe. If you make friend with Swedes, you will probably not get rid of them. Christmas cards will show up year, after year - but that might just be the contact! If you persuade them well enough, you might get them to come and visit you. Swedes don´t want to make problems, and are very humble in bothering people (which they might consider a visit to be). This has some of its roots in an attitude of behavior called the Jante law  of somewhat Lutheran origin. It gives them a hard time accepting compliments, flatter, gratitude or anything making them appear better than one another. So, what do you think? Are you ready to come or not!!!

Did you now that Sweden has the cleanest water in the world! Sweden is one of the few countries in the world where you can drink water straight from the tap.

The map of Sweden