Welcome to Gotland!

When to visit Gotland

Spring & Summer
Spring in Gotland is fantastic! The unique orchids are blooming, anemones in different colours - yellow, white, red and also Spring Adonis and "blåeld", a blue flower that grows along the roads. Thanks to the absence of winter salt on the roads, many flowers grow during the warm season, and it is a true pleasure to bicycle or drive on our approximately 1500 km of road. The whole of May and half June are the best spring months.

The summer starts at Midsummer in the middle of June, and lasts normally longer on Gotland than on the mainland. Take a refreshing swim and don´t forget to discover the special meadows which can be found everywhere.

During the summer, more shops and restaurants are open all over the island then in the autumn and winter. To be sure - check opening hours.

In Autum
As autumn can be very mild, you might find the roses blooming in Visby in the middle of November! Autumn is a very particular season, the calm is present after the big summer rush. A holiday or weekend on Gotland can never be wrong for those of you who appreciate the recovering of the soul. Rent a cottage and just relax or stay at a hotel with good culinary dinners.

In Winter
Winter starts at Christmas time in Gotland. Some years the roses in Visby bloom until the beginning of December. Snow is unusual, however, most years we can enjoy a few weeks of snow covered medieval streets in Visby and a white countryside.

Christmas shopping in Visby is great! All the shops are in short distance and you will enjoy the atmosphere in the centre of Visby. When you visit Visby in the first weekend of December, you can listen to an outdoor concert where the Choir is singing Christmas carols in one of the medieval church ruins.

Rent a cottage with an open fire place, take long walks in the woods or by the sea, just let your spirit be enhanced by the outstanding surroundings and the calm.

Gotland orchids

Botanical garden in Visby

Gotland Framer cottage in Bunge

Visby medieval city wall