Welcome to Gotland!

To do on Gotland

Every year Gotland is visited by 700 000 tourists. 90% of them are originating from Sweden, the rest are primarily visitors from Germany, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Holland, Spain and France - and secondarily from - the rest of the world! Our tourist statistics tells us that many visitors are repeaters - meaning: Gotland is a place you want to return to!

On Gotland you will find hotels, boarding houses, youth hostels and vacation villages. If you would like to rent a cottage the easiest way is to contact GotlandsResor which also can help you to make hotel reservations, trips  and tickets.

Call us +46 498 20 12 60. Or send an e-mail: info@gotlandsresor.se

Food & Beverage
The restaurants on Gotland are mostly located in the surroundings of the larger villages. However, during summer you will find several restaurants on the countryside that are open. You might check out to be certain. If visit Gotland in spring or autumn and travel in a group of ten or more, several restaurants on the countryside might open up for you, just with a telephone call in advance. 

In Visby, which is the most restaurant-frequent city in Sweden (compared to its population) there is about 30 open all year round and approximately 80 during the summer.

There are about 30 grocery stores over the whole island, also gas stations and shops. Around the larger cities (larger in our terms will mean with a population around 1000) you will find more shops and in the capital Visby, of course a wide selection of different shops.

Many artists choose to live on Gotland. Therefore you will find paintings, pottery, glas and other kinds of handy craft. Gotland is indeed a wealth of inspiration for both creators and consumers!

Auctions are due once or twice a week all year around, during the summer sometimes more often. Look for advertises in the local newspapers. The largest ones are in Smågåde in Tofta, south of Visby, in Köpmansgården in Klintehamn or in Follingbobacke, south east of Visby. Auctions in Gotland will provide you with a lovely mixture of junk and really nice antiques!

Music and cinema
In Visby there are cinemas, a theatre, an art museum, the Historical County Museum called Fornsalen with a special department for children - among other sites.

In the cathedral, there is often musical arrangements. You might want to check for special events - either by visiting the cathedral or by checking in local newspapers.

During end of August - May the cultural association of Roxy arranges jazz club on the establishment Munkkällaren on Stora Torget in Visby two thursdays a month. However, there is always somewhere to go for music lovers - during weekends in spring and autumn - and all weekdays during the summer.
For more information - check the local newspapers..

If you are a scuba diver Gotland is the right place for you! There are over 2000 listed ship wrecks along the coast, many of them have their own legend like the clipper Orkney which belonged to the Russian Tsar Alexander. When the Tsar sold Alaska to the US for 7 million dollars, the ship sunk on its way home, just passing the island Gotska Sandön, in 1867. Or how about the Danish King Atterdag´s ship loaded with gold after having in 1361... 

In Visby the Dive Centre arranges guided dive excursions, provides you with equipment and air. You need to have a valid certificate to scuba dive in Sweden. PADI, NAUI or CMAS.  

If you like horses you have over 5000 of them on Gotland. You can practice horseback riding on special Icelandic ponies or on larger horse breeds. Gotland has a domestic breed the Gotland Russ, which has existed on the island since Stone age. You will find wild herds in Lojsta Hed, in the middle of the island. 

is popular in Gotland. Twice a week during May - August there are trotting races in Visby at Skrubbs, approximately 3 km east on central Visby. There is also a restaurant and gambling offices on location.

You can also
jump parachute, bowl, swim, indoor wall climbing, work out, dance, throw the cobble, play the local family game "kubb"...

If you visit Gotland during the second weekend in July you must not miss the Olympic of the Gotlandic - the Stånga games. Traditional competitions dating back to Viking age. How about: Ancient square- and-border-ball, The stone (the original horse shoe throwing), Caber tossing, Gotlandic pentathlon, Kicking the strip or Red Indian leg wrestling!

The worlds largest sailing competition is The Circumnavigation of Gotland (Gotland Runt) - in the amount of boats participating. This competition is due in July.

During the first weekend of November, we offer another world record race - the worlds largest motorcycle race, Gotland Grand National, takes place in the woods outside Visby. 

Krusmyntagården Herb garden and café in Brissund

Gotland Grand National Enduro in November

Trotting race in Skrubbs

Horse riding in the sunset

Throwing "varpa" stone disc

See ice hockey