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The Islands around Gotland

Stora and Lilla Karlsö are situated only 30 nautical miles from the west coast of Gotland. You can reach Stora Karlsö using the daily ferry from Klintehamn Harbour. The transportation service is only due from May-August. On the island you will find a youth hostel and a café. The islands are famous for its bird cliffs of nesting razorbills and guillemots. You will also see both rare and common orchids and fossils. It is however prohibited by law to remove anything from the islands. Sheep are gracing on Stora Karlsö during the warm season. Lilla Karlsö - the Small Karlsö island has a smaller vessile transporting visitors from Djupvik south of Klintehamn.

Gotska Sandön is another island, located north west of Fårösund, the northernmost city of Gotland. A fast going vessel will take you there from Nynäshamn, 40 km south of Stockholm or from Fårösund. The transportation service is only due during May-August. An accommodation will be found on the island and it is open during summertime for visitors. It is a very particular place to visit which has its own story about the Gottberg family who lived there and sent many seamen to a secure death. By leading them with a con light, straight to the dangerous reefs of the island. Nothing can ever be removed from the island - not even a small piece of wreck wood as it is prohibited by law.

Slite is a village on the west coast of Gotland that has a small archipelago where many ship wrecks can be found, there are more than 2000 listed wrecks in the area of Gotland. There are a few Dive Centers in Gotland who arrange guided dive excursions.

Fårö, situated north of Gotland is reached by ferry - a service that proceeds all year around - almost 24 hrs a day. The transport is for free. Fårö has about 600 inhabitants, most people work either on the major island or with farming and agriculture. Sheep from Fårö (which means The island of sheep) are said to be better tasting as they grace many herbs as thyme and juniper. There are shops, boarding houses and cottages for rental. Most restaurants are open only summer time. However, if you travel in group, it might be possible to find places where you can eat - provided a notice in advance. Weekends during non-peak season are the most likely period if you want to explore Fårö. The island of Fårö has its own Gotlandic dialect. This is also the island where famous film director and creator Ingmar Bergman lived. However - nobody on Fårö will ever tell you where he lives, in respect for his privacy.


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Helgumannen fishing village Fårö

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