Welcome to Gotland!

Bank & post office
The Swedish currency is called Swedish Krona (Crown) SEK. Travelers cheques are accepted as well as all major credit cards, look for door or window displays in shops and restaurants. You can expect to be asked to identify yourself with a pictured id when paying with credit cards  this is a procedure that makes payments safer for all involved. Personal bank cheques are seldom accepted in shops or restaurants. Banking hours are from 10AM weekdays, closed Saturdays and Sundays.  Stamps are sold in major grocery stores (ask for fee to oversea or within Europe). Mailboxes are big and yellow labeled with Brev (Letters) and placed on several public places. Money exchange can be done in both banks and at exchange service stands (Foreex).

Liquor stores are monopolized and run by the state. They are called SYSTEMBOLAGET and are open workdays 10AM - 6PM. Saturdays 10AM - 2PM. The selection of wines, beers and liquors has a wide variation of choice and price. Beer is categorized in three classes: I and II (less than 1,8 and 3,5 of alcohol/volume content) that can be bought in regular grocery stores and gas stations, III (3,6 and above) that can only be purchased at the Systembolaget. The Swedish prices in liquor stores do not differ so much from the general European level, however prices in bars and restaurants might be a bit higher than European standard due to high taxes. There are several domestic beers " Wisby Klosteröl" brewed in Gotland or Spendrup´s with 200 years of brewing traditions, are two very popular brands. While visiting Sweden, the mandatory Snaps can be bought in small selection of 5 centiliters gift bottles.

There are about 30 grocery stores over the whole island, also gas stations and shops. Around the larger cities (larger in our terms will mean with a population around 1000) you will find more shops and in the capital Visby, of course a wide selection of different shops.

Many artists choose to live on Gotland. Therefore you will find paintings, pottery, glas and other kinds of handy craft. Gotland is indeed a wealth of inspiration for both creators and consumers!

Auctions are due once or twice a week all year around, during the summer sometimes more often. Look for advertises in the local newspapers. The largest ones are in Smågåde in Tofta, south of Visby, in Köpmansgården in Klintehamn or in Follingbobacke, south east of Visby. Auctions in Gotland will provide you with a lovely mixture of junk and really nice antiques!

Restaurants & Bars
There are several of them and you might need to make reservations, especially in major cities. Pets are not allowed in bars or restaurants. Tip is not included in the prices "however you should tip according to the service you receive", it is not mandatory to tip in Sweden. There is a huge difference in between the salary of a Swedish waiter or waitress than for example an American one. Expect good service, and tip if you are satisfied! Restaurants and bars are allowed to serve alcoholic beverages in between 11AM and 1AM (sometimes 2AM). Usually restaurants close around midnight, and bars or night clubs at 2AM. No juveniles are allowed in bars, sometimes even not with their parents presence, it might be good to ask first. Nearly all restaurants accept all major credit cards.

Public transportations
There are public transports all over Sweden. In the major cities you can buy discount coupons for bus and/or subways. Train, bus, ferry and air travel provides domestic and/or international transports. A taxi fee will in average be 100 - 300 SEK within Stockholm, less than 200 SEK within Visby. Bus tickets will vary depending cities.

Wisby klosteröl - beer produced on Gotland

Designed by the pottery artist Dan Leonette

Visby glass blower

Designed by Visby glass blower