Welcome to Gotland!

Sweden has right-hand traffic. Drivers licenses are issued from the age of 18. Foreign visitors driving in Sweden do not need domestic drivers licenses, however you must carry a picture ID in complement to your own national drivers license. There are both manually and automatically shifted gears. Lights must be switched on during both day and night driving. Parking tickets vary in between 150 -1500 SEK, speeding tickets might not only fine you heavily, but also turn your drivers license non-valid while you visit Sweden. Alcohol is totally prohibited in combination of driving (0,2). To rent motorcycles your drivers license must certify ability. The right hand law is used in Sweden, meaning vehicles coming from your right side should be given way to. It is also mandatory to stop at pedestrians crossing if a person shows intention to cross. Most rental car providers accept all major credit cards.

In Sweden 220 volts and 50 cycles (Hz) are standard, as round-pin plugs. Among others, British and US outlets differ from Swedish ones, why you might need an adapter for electrical appliances.

There are free emergency phones in each pay phone service dial 112 or press the SOS button. Swedish hospitals are called SJUKHUS, LASARETT and VÅRDCENTRAL. Dentists are found in the Yellow Pages under TANDLÄKARE. 


Sweden has right-hand traffic