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Geography & Religon


From north to south 1 600 kilometres line the coast with thousands of islands in a beautiful archipelago. Mountains form much of the north west. Many rivers flow through the forests, east and into the eastern located Baltic Sea. Over half of Sweden is forested, whilst the southern part is mostly flat with rolling hills. The Baltic Sea is the world´s largest inland water or ocean gulf consisting of brackish water. The salt percentage is about 1-1,5%. The gulf of Skagerrak, is, together with the gulf of Kattegatt, gulfs in the North Sea, the northern Atlantic Ocean, with a salt percentage of minimum 3,5%. Temperatures in the waters surrounding Sweden are during the summer from 17C-25C. During winter and spring some Swedes appreciate "winter bathing" the water may vary in between 0C-10C. This treat is often combined with sauna bathing.


Most Swedes are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, which until the year of 2000 was supported by the state. Many people attend church only casually, for special celebrations as Christmas, Easter or at weddings, baptisms and funerals. This is however a changing trend, especially within musical performances in many Swedish churches. Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the constitution and like most of Europe, Sweden is a highly secular society.


The Baltic Sea is the world largest inland water.