Welcome to Gotland!

The Climate
The climate on Gotland differs from the mainland. We have warmer temperatures and more sun hours. The winds are often coming from southwest, bringing mild Atlantic air.

Some years the roses in Visby are blooming in December! Because of the special climate many rare plants grow here, for example 36 of 46 known orchids.

Grapes and exotic trees like mulberry, walnut, peach and fig can be found here. Winter has normally the same temperature as in the south of Sweden.

Don´t forget to visit the Botanical Garden in Visby - an experience full of scents and a real pleasure for the eyes. You will be surprised when you discover trees and plants from Asia, South America and even Australia growing up in our latitudes.

The Language
The are two dialects spoken in Gotland, Gutamål and Fårömål. The older version had both written and spoken language and was seen as an ancient East-Nordic language.

In historical time the written language was changed into Danish, then the people of Gotland had to switch to Swedish. Still today the special dialect is spoken here and it says that it is one of the most difficult to understand for other Swedes.

Concerning Swedish, Danish and Norwegian languages, most Norse (meaning Scandinavians except Finns and Icelanders).

Roses in Visby inner city

Botanical garden in Visby