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Gotland is the largest island in the Baltic Sea, from North to South  170 km  and from East to West 50 km. If you would like to walk around the island it will take some time to explore almost 800 km of coast which has a variation of white sand beaches, gently rounded rubble-stones or steep limestone cliffs.

Gotland can also offer you a variation of local food as saffron pancake, marinated lamb meat with herbs and not to forget the typical beverage for Gotland "Gotlandsdricke", something between mead and beer. However this beverage is home maid and you need to make a local acquaintance to be able to taste it!

For more than 400 millions years ago, the continent where Gotland was situated, was located near the Equator. Many fossils which can be found on the island are traces from that period. Fossils of sea lilies, mollusks and corals among others. 

The famous cliff formations called "raukar" which you will find on Gotland and Fårö eroded mountains of limestone, of which is remaining the harder core.

Gotland facts
Landscape animal: Hedgehog
Landscape bird: Collared Flycatcher
Landscape flower: Ivy "Hedera Helix"
Landscape mushroom: Jordstjärna (Earth star)
Landscape insect: Riddarskinnbagge (Knight leather beetle)
Landscape fish: Piggvar (turbot)
Landscape stone: Limestone from Hoburgen
Landscape moss: Kalkkammossa (calcium cam moss)
Landscape apple: Stenkyrke apple
Landscape element: Calcium

Gotland is a wonderful place to live, work and stay on. A beautiful place to go to all year. An island full of wonderful people, places and things that not have counterparts elsewhere.

Gotland future - Vision 2025
Gotland, the Baltic Sea Region's most creative and magical place, marked by proximity, sustainable growth and full of zest for life.

-Minimum 65 000 residents live on Gotland.
-The islanders prosperity are among the best in the country.
-Gotland is the natural meeting place in the Baltic Sea region. -The islanders has good health and feel best in the country.
-Gotland is the world's leading island-region in environmental and climate issues.


Gotland - den magiska önBrand promise - The magical island



Gotlands five core values
-Lust for life

Gotländska fossiler


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